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The Sack descendants in the United States are members of a much larger extended family. It originated in Germany but now has documented family members living in 83 countries. We are fortunate in that an extensive genealogy has been maintained over the years. The genealogy was a logical offshoot of the Sack Family Foundation. Because the Foundation at one time paid benefits to family members there had to be a record of the births of new family members so that if someone made a claim he or she could show eligibility for benefits.  While the family fortune is sadly diminished, the genealogy lives on.

Is there a chance that you are a missing cousin? Enter your surname in the space at the left. If your name appears, you may be a family member. If you would like us to check, please complete the Descendant Check form and we will help you determine whether you are a descendant.

But degree of relationship and family membership is just the tip of the iceberg. What makes families so fascinating is not the dry data of births, marriage and death dates. It is, instead, the stories of their lives. Read about our interesting ancestors in Family Stories – humorous stories, tragic stories, contributions to society stories and just stories of everyday life. And enjoy the Ancestor Gallery with pictures of some family members.