Welcome to the website of the Sack Family in the United States. This site is dedicated to honoring our past, reconnecting in the present and planning for the future. Our family emblem – shown in the banner – is the dove of Noah, perched on a sawed off branch of an olive tree.

Members of the family came to the United States from the German states in the early to mid 19th century. Political and economic conditions in their native country plus the lure of land in the New World created a climate conducive to the immigration of intellectual, educated individuals, and the Sack Family was no exception. The family immigrants brought with them a culture of social consciousness, love of learning and a system for ensuring the welfare of family members. Currently, the family members in the United States have discovered a renewed interest in connecting with one another and connecting with family members across the world.

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Philipp Wilhelm Sack (1734-1813). Check out his story in the ancestor gallery.

Philipp Wilhelm Sack (1734-1813). Check out his story in the ancestor gallery.

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